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About Program Visitor

The Program Visitor department is responsible for establishing and maintaining the interface between the Auxiliary, and local marine dealers and other "partners" who have an interest in conspicuously supporting our missions of recreational boating safety and marine domain awareness.

As Auxiliary "ambassadors", program visitors establish one-on-one relationships with the management at such partners, keep the dealer/partner supplied with the latest state and Federal boating safety, marine domain awareness, and environmental protection literature, work with the partners in planning special events, and keep them apprised of Auxiliary community activities -- especially public boating courses.


  • Boating safety and marine domain awareness literature distribution to marine dealers and partners;
  • Point of contact (POC) for joint dealer/partner events;
  • Maintain USCG mailing list and other dealer-related databases.
William J. Kopenski, DSO-PV
William J. Kopenski, DSO-PV


  • William J. Kopenski, DSO-PV
  • Ramon D. Evans, ADSO-PV
  • James A. Schmidlin, ADSO-PV
  • (As of 01 Jul 2018 11:1:10 PDT)


To minimize loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental impact associated with the use off recreational boats, through preventative means, in order to maximize the safe use and enjoyment of United States waterways by the public.