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America's Waterway Watch

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  • About America's Waterway Watch
  • America’s Waterway Watch (AWW) is a counter-terrorism public outreach effort by the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and other federal, state and local agencies tasked with the responsibility of maritime security. The purpose of America’s Waterway Watch is to use the “eyes and ears” of waterfront users, such as boaters, marina operators and other waterfront concessionaires, to detect and report suspicious activity that may be terrorist-related.

    America's coasts, rivers, bridges, tunnels, ports, ships, military bases, and waterside industries are all potential targets. Though our waterway security is better than ever, we have more than 95,000 miles of coastline, and over 290,000 square miles of water to protect. The Coast Guard and local first responders simply cannot do the job alone. As one of 70 million U.S. recreational boaters, or simply a concerned citizen, your vigilence is key.

  • Spot artwork How You Can Help
  • If you see outwardly suspicious activity, or even behavior that makes you uneasy, please report it.  Here are things to look for:

    • Unattended vessels or vehicles in unusual locations.
    • Lights flashing between boats.
    • Unusual diving activity.
    • Unusual number of people onboard.
    • Unusual night operations.
    • Recovering or tossing items into/onto the waterway or shoreline.
    • Operating in or passing through an area that does not typically have such activity.
    • Fishing/hunting in locations not typically used for those activities.
    • Missing fencing or lighting near sensitive locations.
    • Anchoring in an area not typically used for anchorage.
    • Transfer of people or items between vessels, or between vessels and the shore outside of a port.
    • Anyone operating in an aggressive manner.
    • Individuals establishing businesses or roadside food stands near sensitive locations.
    • Small planes flying over critical locations.
    • Persons attempting to buy or rent fishing or recreational vessels with cash for short-term, undefined use.
  • For More Information
  • For more information on America's Waterway Watch, please watch the following video, or visit the Amerca's Waterway Watch information site. There is a wealth of material for citizens, Auxiliarists, and maritime businesses that would like to support the program with posters or handouts.

    To report unusual or suspicious activity, please call the National Response Center at 877-24WATCH (877-249-2824).