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Welcome to District 11 Southern Region

District 11S Commodore Portrait
Commodore Bert Blanchette
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January 8-10, 2016

"I'm always in awe of you Auxiliarists. You work for free and love what you do. I can't tell you how many times I've had the CG Aux help me out during the course of my career. You are indeed a national treasure!" Vince Patton, Master Chief USCG, Ret.

Who We Are

Since 1939, the men and women of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary have volunteered millions of hours in support of the U.S. Coast Guard and the recreational boating public.
We are the uniformed civilian volunteer arm of the Coast Guard.
Map to D11SR

Our Missions

Recreational Boating Safety - consisting of our many boating safety classes, distributing boating safety information to the public, providing free vessel safety checks, and doing safety patrols on land, water and in the air.
Support of Maritime Homeland Security and other maritime safety challenges that have emerged in recent years.

Great 4th Cornerstone Event!

Visit the Battleship Iowa! Sunday Sept. 13, 2015

A family Adventure through Living History

Visit Los Angeles' Battleship USS Iowa museum for a fun family experience at the LA Waterfront. The museum provides a glimpse into the past through a unique and fun experience aboard the only battleship on the West Coast.

Your adventure highlights life at sea for thousands of sailors over the past 70 years, while interacting with numerous exhibits and following a clever mascot dog named Victory on a popular scavenger hunt.

The Auxiliary will host a Tour and Lunch from 1100 to 1600 hours. Please download the registration form and flyer to sign up!

DTRAIN 2016 Planning Underway

The District Training Conference planning committee is hard at work to bring you an exciting program of sessions and fellowship this January. This video shows some of the highlights and benefits of previous DTRAIN weekends. Use the share icon in the video window to post it to your social media!

D11SR Needs a Few Good Pilots and Planes!

Air Station LA and Sector San Diego have both expressed a desire to expand the AuxAir program in their AOR. We need two more aircraft in Air Station LA's AOR and one or two in Sector San Diego. The good news is that the onerous TBO rules have been thrown out and replaced with more reasonable ones. Basically aircraft facilities must have 100 hour inspections and an oil analysis. Approved progressive maintenance programs are also permitted. As for pilots, the more qualified the better. While our Operations Manual allows for Private Pilots to be active in AuxAir, we're looking for and will give priority to pilots with advanced ratings such as Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII and ATP. If you are interested please contact Eugene Korney, DSO-AV at (310) 614-6739 or pirep47@yahoo.com.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Trivia for August 2015

This month's trivia is courtesy of COMO Chuck Long.

  1. Who is responsible for the content and upkeep of the Auxiliary Manual?
  2. Who sets the requirements for participation in the AAPP program?
  3. You have earned the following awards what would be the correct order of precedence:
    • Coast Guard Comm. Meda
    • C.G. Meritorious Team Commendation
    • CG Bicentennial Unit Commendation
    • Special Operations Service Ribbon
  4. Match the following wind speeds to the correct warning:
    • Winds to 33 knots
    • Winds from 34 to 47 knots
    • Winds from 48knots and above
    • Winds 64 knots and above
  5. Solve for True Bearing:
    • Compass heading    230
    • Deviation                 6 W
    • Magnetic Heading    ____
    • Variation                 15 E
    • True Heading        ______
    • Relative bearing        060
    • True Bearing          ______

(Previous trivia answers!)

  1. Certain subjects are normally taboo during mealtime among these subjects are shop talk, politics and religion. Aux Manual, Section D D .1. Wardroom Etiquette. Page 12-11
  2. The goal of the Auxiliary Trident Program is to encourage active participation by Auxiliarists in marine safety and environmental protection missions and programs. Aux OPERATIONS Policy Manual B ,B.1.  Page A5-5
    Vessel Length (feet) Coxswain Crew
    <26 1 1
    >26<40 1 2
    >40<65 1 3
    > 65 1 4
    Operations Policy Manual Table 1 Section N.2 page 1-31
  4. DIRAUX/OTO - Operations Policy Manual  Section N.4 page 1-31
  5. Seas > than 3 feet and 6hrs during a 24 hour. period. Operations Policy Manual Notes to Table 4-1 page 4-21