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Welcome to District 11 Southern Region

District 11S Commodore Portrait
Commodore Bert Blanchette
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Auxiliary Montage
America's Volunteer Guardians
Semper Paratus: "Always Ready"

"I'm always in awe of you Auxiliarists. You work for free and love what you do. I can't tell you how many times I've had the CG Aux help me out during the course of my career. You are indeed a national treasure!" Vince Patton, Master Chief USCG, Ret.

2015 Southern California Coast Guard Ball
Celebrating 225 Years of Service to Nation

The ball will be held August 8th at the Hilton in Long Beach. For more details, please refer to http://www.uscg.mil/baselalb/cgball/D11SouthCGBall.asp or contact 2015CGBall@gmail.com

Who We Are

Since 1939, the men and women of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary have volunteered millions of hours in support of the U.S. Coast Guard and the recreational boating public.
We are the uniformed civilian volunteer arm of the Coast Guard.
Map to D11SR

Our Missions

Recreational Boating Safety - consisting of our many boating safety classes, distributing boating safety information to the public, providing free vessel safety checks, and doing safety patrols on land, water and in the air.
Support of Maritime Homeland Security and other maritime safety challenges that have emerged in recent years.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Trivia for June 2015

  1.  Because of your outstanding support of the Coast Guard you have been invited to have lunch in the Ward Room. What three topics are off limits in the Ward Room?
  2.  What is the goal of the Trident Program?
  3.  Complete the following chart:
    Vessel Length (feet) Coxswain Crew
    > 65    
  4. Who may grant waivers to the above requirements?
  5. Fill in the blanks: regarding PWCs
  • PWCs may not be operated in seas greater than __ ft.
  • The maximum number of hours a PWC may operate is ___ hours during any 24 hr. period.


(Previous trivia answers!)

  1. The Red A on insignia is for appointed offices and Blue A is for elected. Consult Page xxxvi List of Figures. Figure 11-4 page 11-50.
  2. The three geographic areas for national administration of the Auxiliary are Atlantic (East) Atlantic (West) and Pacific. Page 1-22 C-4a
  3. “The primary purpose of the Auxiliary chain of leadership and management is to quickly and efficiently communicate information up and down its organizational levels.” Page 1-23, C.5 Chain of Leadership and Management.
  4. The senior officer in a district is District Commander. Page 1-14 B-7.
  5. Yes, the regional director has the same duties and responsibilities whether or not their District is split into geographic reasons.  Page 1-18 B.13